Big or Small, We Move Them All!

Serving Central Alberta and Parts of Saskatchewan



Q: Which permits are needed for a construction project?

A: An Alberta 1st call is required and should be done beforehand to ensure there are no underground lines in the area the work is to be performed.  An Alberta 2nd call is also recommended.


Q: How tall of a tree can you move?

A: The hight of a tree doesn't matter. The determining factor is the diameter of the trunk just above ground level. This helps us determine how big the root system is on the particular tree and which size of spade would be suitable for the job.


Q: Care and Maintenance for the tree after the move?
A: Anchoring of the tree is recommended for a quicker recovery. As well as plenty of water. Volume may vary depending on soil type/cond.

Q: When is the best time to move tree's?
A: The best success is achieved when the tree is dormant. Spring and Fall.